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Speaker: Vijay Chaudari, Identity Governance Lead APAC, Saviynt

Saviynt is a cloud native company that secures applications, data, and infrastructure on a single platform. We asked their Identity Governance Lead for APAC a few questions at the Healthcare Cyber Security Conference. Vijay answered our audience’s questions about protecting against 3rd party actors who access healthcare systems, how you can incorporate apps into the cloud solution they have and what made their example customer embark on their identity management journey.


00:00 Opening
01:04 What was the catalyst for this organization to embark on this identity management journey? Why did they suddenly recognize this was important?
02:03 We have a large number of people who are 3rd party and vendors who access our systems. How can you help to protect us from bad actors?
03:33 We have a lot of on-prem solutions some quite old. Yours is a cloud solution. Can you indorpate my apps in this solution?
04:46 closing

Vijay Chaudari, Identity Governance Lead APAC, Saviynt

Vijay is an Identity and Governance Subject Matter Expert for APAC at Saviynt and works as a technical evangelist and strategist with partners and customers to help them derive business value from technical capabilities. In his 17 years in Identity & Access Governance industry, he has been part of many successful customer engagements in the A/NZ and the broader APAC market. His past 17 years have been spent in product organisations in the IAM space.

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About Saviynt

Saviynt was created to challenge the status quo. They always realized that identity could be so much more – and the leading solutions weren’t up to the task. So, they set out to build the most innovative cloud identity & access governance platform on the market. It hasn’t always been easy, but we’re here to solve challenges, not hide from them. Today they have grown into a global organization scaling at breakneck speed to help the largest enterprises in the world transform their identity programs and protect their people, assets, and infrastructure.

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