Advancing Gene Therapy – A Quality by Design Approach

Speaker: Peiqing Zhang, Strategic Technology Partnership Leader APAC, Pall Corporation

Do you already have a sound Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) strategy to guide your gene therapy development process? In this episode Peiqing Zhang speaks about some of the recent regulatory setbacks for gene therapy programs. He notes that one of the main reasons is gaps in the CMC section of the regulatory submission and that interpretation and implementation of guidelines released for gene therapy seem to be unclear to the industry. Pall recently published a Quality by Design (QbD) framework to tackle the CMC challenges for Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) products which illustrates the concept and provides initial thoughts on using QbD concepts for gene therapy.

Industry Whitepaper

To download the Pall Whitepaper on Quality by Design for Adeno-Associated Virus products as referenced in Peiqing’s video, please click here.


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