Speaker Spotlight

Dr Stephen Parnis, Consultant Emergency Physician, The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital


VIDEO: Speaker Spotlight | Dr Stephen Parnis

In this episode, we spoke to Dr Stephen Parnis at the 30th Annual Medico Legal Congress in our first “hybrid” event which combined a mix of in-person and online speakers and delegates.
At the event, Dr Parnis shared his insights as a widely respected emergency clinician on the experiences and learnings from managing COVID-19 in Australia from the frontline.
Here he addresses some of the questions put to him by the audience including how Australia tackled COVID differently to the US and the UK, why fatigue should be addressed differently and what the lasting changes to EDs and hospitals may be.

0:00 Intro
0:19 Australian Covid experience
1:26 Fatigue experienced by healthcare workers
3:19 The lasting changes in the emergency dept. and hospitals
4:23 Closing