Speaker Spotlight

Peter Blewitt, HS8 Product Manager at Modeus


VIDEO: Insights into a revolutionary medication management software with Peter Blewitt

In this episode, Peter brings his expert knowledge as a Pharmacist and work with the HS8 emedication product, which is a joint collaboration from Debetrek & Modeus. Here he answers all the most commonly asked questions from implementation, training and best practice to showcase the benefits of HS8.

Find out more by watching Peter and his in-depth experience with HS8. Peter spoke at this year’s eMedication Management Conference which took place in March 2021.

00:00 Intro
00:25 Complexity
00:53 Usage
01:00 Offline
01:25 Strengths
01:55 Locations & Requirements
02:07 Integration
02:26 Future Developments
03:00 Advice
03:25 Closing

To find out more, visit websites at Debetrek and Modeus.