A digital platform for custom therapy programs

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A digital platform for custom therapy programs
In this episode, Laura gives us an interesting insight into Theratrak which is a data-driven therapy management platform. Laura, who is a practising clinician herself, discusses the benefits of early intervention for kids diagnosed with autism and the ongoing effects of not having it. There is also a need to address challenges on the clinician side including lack of time, medicolegal compliance. So what sort of solution is needed?

Find out by watching Laura and her great answer to these very real problems.

0:00 Opening
0:10 Theratrack
4:58 Q&A
5:17 Target Market
5:37 Feedback
6:47 Future plans
7:44 Partners/ Investors
8:34 Closing



Laura Simmons, Founder, Theratrak
Laura is a passionate paediatric occupational therapist, helping families and working with children living with range of disabilities, providing them with early intervention treatments.Laura has worked across Sydney in the private health sector for almost 10 years, and in this time has noticed a distinct lack of innovative technology solutions targeting the ongoing care of clients outside of direct therapy and how this is impacting the client’s overall treatment. As an OT, Laura spends most of her time working 1:1 with children aged 2-15 years living with various challenges. She has worked with children with Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, motor coordination challenges, ARFID (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder) and cerebral palsy.Through her work, Laura has experience providing services via telehealth and supporting children living in rural and remote communities. Laura is passionate about digital health transformation and in the last three years has developed Theratrak – a digital platform that enables allied health professionals to work collaboratively to create monitor and track custom therapy programs for children.



About theratrak
Theratrak is a digital platform enabling paediatric allied health therapists to track participant progress and bridge the gap between face-to-face sessions. Our platforms encrypt participant’s customised multi-media home program to create a more inclusive model of healthcare right there in the session.Visit website.