Meet the Innovate Health 2022 PitchFest Startups

2021 Innovate Health Pitchfest startups:
Ashley Hanger, Found and director, Stripped supply
Manjul Rathee, CEO and Co-founder, BFB labs
Dr Sarah Crowe, Founder and director, 4eyesVision
Rebecca Saunderson, CEO, consentic
Niels van Sparrentak, Co-founder and CEO, Tournicare
Maree Beare, CEO, Clincials

From video games that promote mental health to diabetes supply kits, affordable glasses, and heart rate monitors, this year’s Innovate Health Pitchfest boasts a stellar lineup of innovative startups.

This month, we will introduce you to the founders who will be taking the stage.
A selection of people with fascinating backgrounds, extensive experience and a truly inspiring passion for what they do.