Securing the Data

Speaker: Pankaj Puri, Solutions Engineer, Netskope

At the Healthcare Cyber Security Conference, we spoke with Pankaj, Solutions Engineer at Netskope. Netskope is a true cloud-native platform based in the United States that aims to protect data and defend against threats in cloud applications and the web. So, we asked Pankaj about the platform’s adaptability, solutions for securely accessing applications hosted inside DCs, and how they protect sensitive patient information in the healthcare sector.


00:00 Opening
00:41 You spoke about addressing the consistent and focusing on what they want to protect isn’t there an issue for healthcare organisations that they “don’t know what they don’t know”?
01:45 How does your platform help in protecting sensitive Patient information from going outside our organization?
02:58 Does Netskope have any solutions to securely access our applications which are hosted inside our DCs?
04:33 Closing

About Netskope

Cloud transformation and work from anywhere have changed how security needs to work. Netskope sees and understands these changes and works with you to protect people and data anywhere they go, no matter what.

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